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About the Project

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Logo made by BlazingStarO/BlazingStarOfTime C: flowers added by me (FayeleneFyre).
Iris Walk Sprite by FayeleneFyre Crest Of Unity Pagedoll by Bingus-Domingus Jace Walk Sprite by FayeleneFyre

Lost In Termina is a Legend of Zelda fanfic written by me (FayeleneFyre), of which I have planned to turn into an animated movie.

Interested in learning the story? Check it out here!
.:.::Lost In Termina::.:. by FayeleneFyre

The Hyrulean deku thief, Iris, was brought to Termina by the distressed Great Fairy of Wisdom when the Great Fairy was spell bound in a crystal prison by the race of the dragalfos. Seemingly, Iris was left stranded in the land of Termina after quite a hassle to rescue the Great Fairy with six other hylians by her side... The others were sent home by the thankful fairy, but before Iris could cross the portal back home the Great Fairy vanished without explanation, causing the portal to collapse... Iris must find a way to get back home. But in her journey, she once again finds herself facing the odds, for it seems the dragalfos fortress wasn't the problem after all- it was only a small piece to the puzzle. Though, she isn't making this Journey alone.

In the midst of her continuing journey she meets the outgoing terminan deku boy, Jacon Verin Leavance (Jace, as he prefers). The lad falls head-over-heels for the deku girl at first sight. These two at first appear to be opposites to one another. It is obvious the duo reign from two totally different worlds.
Regardless, Iris soon finds it's not only hard fighting off the vicious dragalfos- but also fighting off the feeling of possibly being in love with Jace! Skits- her faithful bird-brother, objects against the possibility and finds himself with a deep distrust in Jace. Of course, this may be because Skits is protective.

This seemingly unlikely trio travel all of Termina together. During so, they grow closer and closer to the answer as to what is happening to Termina to find out the dark secret brewing amidst the shadows that lay across the land's most scarce places. As many strange phenomenons have been occurring, it is only fact that something has gone wrong! But all in the end, will there be a chance for a happy ending? Or will things be left in disaster!? And will the tragic chance of one losing their life be enough to make the least expected person rise up and fight?
.:-DAY ONE-:.
Chapter 1: A Rose With Thorn's.…
Chapter 2: From Land To Sea.…

Chapter 3: Getting Into The Pirate's Fortress.…
Chapter 4: Finding The Great Fairy.…

.:-DAY TWO-:.
Chapter 5: A Day To Train.…

Chapter 6: Lesson's To Learn.…

Chapter 7: Little Iris In ClockTown.…
Chapter 8: Underground.…
Chapter 9: Fox Or Faux?…

Chapter 10: Something…

.:-DAY FOUR-:.
Chapter 11: Curse-Of A Bad Day...…

Chapter 12: Strength of the Heart.…
Chapter 13: Spending The Night.…

.:-DAY FIVE-:.
Chapter 14: A Smack In The Face.…
Chapter 15: Final Stop…

Chapter 16: Second Thoughts...…
Chapter 17: A Broken Promise...…
Chapter 18: Wool Over The Eye's.…
Chapter 19: Behind The Mask.…

Chapter 20: The Beauty Of A Gift…


LIT: ANIMATED- Jace In Action by FayeleneFyre
Lost In Termina ANIMATED!

LIT belongs to me, as do all of it's original characters.
The Legend of Zelda, and other canon Zelda races (c) Nintendo.

Gallery Folders

Lost In Termina ANIMATED Logo by FayeleneFyre
The Story
.:.::Lost In Termina::.:. by FayeleneFyre
Open your eyes, Life Awaits by FayeleneFyre
Downward Strike by FayeleneFyre
Sniffing the Air by FayeleneFyre
Character Profiles
Jace the Deku Scrub by Wolf-Artist-101
Iris the Deku Scrub by Wolf-Artist-101
Prince Auran of the Deku Palace by Wolf-Artist-101
General Dragalfos Bio by Wolf-Artist-101
Concepts: Landscapes
LIT-A: Termina Field Redraw by FayeleneFyre
Termina Field Map by FayeleneFyre
Jace's House - Storage Room by Feanor144
Jace's House - Den by Feanor144
Concepts: Characters
LIT: The Boy who Danced with Death by FayeleneFyre
Auran by FayeleneFyre
Queen Acacia by FayeleneFyre
King Barum Concept by FayeleneFyre
Concepts: Misc
Concepts: Scenes
I can't leave you by FayeleneFyre
Lost In Termina Storyboard panel: The Tragedy by FayeleneFyre
Art of the Characters
Iris and Skits by FayeleneFyre
CAN'T YOU SEE MY TACOS??? by BlazingStarOfTime
Majora's Mask Jace by FayeleneFyre
Majora's Mask Iris by FayeleneFyre


Swing by CamSpooks Swing :iconcamspooks:CamSpooks 8 2 Leavance family | Pixelized! by BlazingStarOfTime Leavance family | Pixelized! :iconblazingstaroftime:BlazingStarOfTime 5 4

This is a video showcasing the evolution of the project. It has been in the works since early 2012, however I had hit some bumps in the road over the first few years and it came to a serious halt. However, it was recently picked back up with constant work on storyboards, and is getting further faster now that there is more to the cast and I have regular help on the project~ I featured old concept art and new concept art, old animation and new animation, and a lot of storyboards in here as well as vocal previews.
I (FayeleneFyre) voiced Iris. The dragalfos clip was voiced by geistseig (let me know if you're still interested in the project~ I also want to let you know that my account Wolf-Artist-101 is no longer active. But you can contact me at FayeleneFyre and of course, here on the group!). Jace was voiced by Edrulz500!…

I'd also like to give a special thanks to BlazingStarO for composing Jace's theme, "Leavance Boy". The one featured in the video is a piano version, and made by my friend Blaze (or Tessa, as she goes by). She'll be helping me with background art and the animation's score. She is an awesome musician!

I will have more for you guys soon!
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Group Info

Check out my YouTube account, where I will often upload projects for LIT ANIMATED!…

This group was put together for the project, Lost In Termina ANIMATED. Concept art of all kinds will be here, as well as animations, lists of characters, and other things.
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Jul 26, 2014


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Well, not giant birds, but one of my main characters is a little bird XD crafty fellow, he is. The sequel, Shadows Over Termina, has oodles of birds. Anthro, giant, and small XD
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I've paused work on the project at the moment due to family matters, but the project is still going for the most part.
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